Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Them Trashy Mexi Trailers are coming back.

So a couple weeks or so, I posted something where I said I wasn't going to upload anymore video material after the YouTube went down unexpectedly, but after some thinking and relaxing, I decided to start over again on Vimeo. So, trailers will resume there along with certain movie clips. Nothing will stop me from keeping it going. Nothing at all.

So, here's a couple of things I ripped from a DVD filled with trailers. I'll be ripping out the rest during the weekend and by Monday the 27th all these trailers from that DVD will be on the Vimeo page for your enjoyment. Plenty of trailers, too. Some that were on YouTube and some that never made it there. So this is exciting. Very.

Anyway, Enjoy! See ya Monday!

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