Friday, May 24, 2013

Toys, Sex, & Daddy Issues.

Toys, Sex, & Daddy Issues. Welcome to Toys Are Not for Children.

Oh, Jamie. She really loves toys and misses her 'daddy' so much. Ever since daddy left her and mom, Jamie has never been the same since she grinds on the toy soldier her dad gave her many years ago. When she grinds that toy soldier between her legs, she whispers in pleasure "daddy, oh daddy". Cute.

When Jamie marries her co-worker Charlie; Jamie's world changes for the strangest because she doesn't let her husband near her lady parts and she becomes very close friends with a prostitute named Pearl. Apparently Pearl knows Jamie's dad very well. In fact, Pearl is dad's favorite 'woman'. As her marriage fails and becomes closer to Pearl & her pimp, Jamie herself enters the prostitution game where she screws old guys (because they remind of her daddy), and this eventually leads to a predictable reunion between Jamie and her daddy. This reunion is unpleasant and quite tragic.

Toys Are Not for Children is quite the underrated gem! Everything about this movie is just fascinating. From the way it looks, sounds, and the actors playing these real-life type of characters are just amazing. I can't think of a reason to dislike this movie at all. Speaking of the actors, the actress that played Jamie (Marcia Forbes) is such a babe. I honestly couldn't take my eyes off her through out the entire movie. She's so pretty and innocent looking. Ya gotta love her! Such a shame she never starred in other movies though. She was definitely pretty and not too bad of an actress either. Where are you, Marcia Forbes?

Toys Are Not for Children is a must watch for the daddy issue/sexual awakening enthusiast. Watch it, friends. 7/10.

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