Friday, May 17, 2013

Don Chido, Chido, Chido.

In Juan Camaney De La Mafia (or "El Chido: El Don De La Mafia"), Juan Camaney (Luis De Alba) becomes a mob boss after kicking some rival mobsters' asses. Juan Camaney now called "Don Chido" and in control of a 'powerful' crime syndicate; goes out to nightclubs that play heavy metal music, harass his rivals in immature ways, screws around & plays with food with a hot chick, and squirts water at traitors with a water pistol (seriously).

Juan Camaney De La Mafia is just plain awful. Its pretty much just like Fachoso y Mitotero since its so boring, not funny, and soooo, soooo stupid. Who wrote this fucking movie? Did they really think it was gonna be something quirky & funny just because it involves mobsters and Luis De Alba? Come on now, man. This was some stupid shit right here.

This movie is is an epic failure. Also a big waste of $9 (argggghhh!!) and a big waste of time. Don't watch it, please!

Fuck Juan Camaney, Fuck Don Chido, and fuck the fucking rest of the Mexican mafia in this movie. 1/10.

If you know what metal song plays in the nightclub, let me know since I find it quite catchy.


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