Sunday, April 14, 2013

Filling that little belly of hers with Black Power.

Innocent Christian blonde Debby (Lisa Baker) is out with her steady boyfriend on a nice date. The nice date then gets a tad explicit since the boyfriend attempts to finger her. Debby tells her dude to back off because she wants her 1st time to be special and to happen when she's married. After the attempted fingering, Debby is dropped off at home, goes inside, and finds her not-so Christian mother in a nasty threesome. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Please, Please!" her mother shouts. Debby scared & all, gets out of her house to walk off what she saw. Poor Debby; just when she saw so much nasty shit going on, she is then kidnapped by some sleazy black men. Debby is then raped inside the black mens' car, taken to a cabin where is she forced to have sex with all the men and cook them dinner.

By the way! These guys are planning out a race protest/riot while they mess around with this virginal white chick. How interesting (sorta).

For an actual XXX movie, Hot Summer in the City is watchable. The little plot it has is pretty interesting, and as sleazy as the characters are; they are quite fascinating. Especially the obvious down syndrome guy. He really, really wanted to fuck Debby (and gets to do so).

Now what I truly like about Hot Summer in the City is the look & feel of the movie. It honestly felt like I was watching some sort of twisted home movie. Just the way everyone was talking and acting seemed real. Obviously no script was used in this movie. It was just all improvised (of course). Then of course there's the music in the movie! Obvious theme song for the movie is The Lovin' Spoonful's "Summer in the City". When Debby is being raped inside the car, "The Happening" by The Supremes plays. How twisted, huh? Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys plays as Debby is being whipped with a belt. Cute, huh?

Obviously XXX movies aren't for everyone. These are movies meant for the perverse (like you and me). However, Hot Summer in the City is more than just a XXX movie; it can also be categorized in the "Sexploitation" and "Blaxploitation" sub-genres.

Give it a whirl sometime if you're feeling comfortable enough to watch something very dirty. 5/10.
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J. Astro said...

Holy cow. I need to wash my eyeballs after even just reading this review. o_0

raculfright_13 said...

I had take at least 3 showers after I watched, wrote, and screenshot the movie. It is filthy but nevertheless entertaining.