Friday, February 8, 2013

Frank Morris Lives.

Frank Morris escaped Alcatraz and lives! 

It is 1987 in Terror On Alcatraz, Frank Morris (played by Aldo Ray) is living in a cheap motel with a floozy blonde. The days of living in a cheap motel will finally end when Frank returns to Alcatraz to retrieve a map which leads to a key; the key that will open an old safe deposit box that contains millions of dollars! WOW! Before Frank heads back to Alcatraz, he kills a former prison guard that used to fuck with him back in the day. After killing the guard, he boards the boat to the Alcatraz tour. On the tour, we meet a group of people that are all irritating in unique ways. The 'main' guy is a know-it-all. He pretty much knows all about Alcatraz and he is also quite obsessed with Frank Morris (talk about coincidence!). Then there's a fat guy that claims to be a lawyer and swears he is a ladies man. Then there's a Native American terrorist who plans on doing something crazy at the Alcatraz prison. Then there's a couple of chicks who are just there but not much to look at since they look very rude. 

When the tour is over, the group of irritating people head back to SF for a quick bite and then out of nowhere they all decide to go back to the Alcatraz prison to party! WOW! When they arrive at Alcatraz (again) to party, they all get hacked up by Frank Morris! YAY!

When I first watched Terror On Alcatraz waaaayyyy back in the day (2008?), I wasn't all that impressed by it. I felt it was whatever (whaat!??!). Then some years later I gave it another shot and I must say I liked the 2nd time around! Its actually a pretty fun movie. Oh sure, the characters are clearly annoying (minus Frank Morris) but at least most of them do get killed! Especially the know-it-all main guy. Oh, how I loathe that guy...

Terror On Alcatraz is a pretty decent slasher movie. An original one at that. I mean come on now, a slasher movie where the Frank Morris is the killer? That is pretty darn cool. Watch Terror On Alcatraz sometime. 5/10.

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