Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cowboy kills punks.

A group of Hollywood punks arrive in a small town to fuck shit up. They first beat up a gas attendant, then they get their asses handed to them by Billy Ray Delton; a local badass country musician. While Billy Ray Delton is playing a gig at a little honky tonk joint, the punks are still in town to get 'even' with Billy Ray. The punks go to his house and rape & kill his wife (who just find out she was pregnant!), after doing that they take away his little daughter so they can sell her to a disgusting child pornographer back in Hollywood. When Billy Ray finds his daughter gone and his wife dead, he then heads out to Hollywood to kill those fucked up punks and get his daughter back.

Outlaw Force is an alright movie but it does however get slow with dramatic/emotional scenes that I honestly didn't care for. I just wanted to see nothing but gun shootings and fist fights (which there is), not Billy Ray getting emotional with a punk chick and other various cry baby moments that are whatever. The acting in the movie is pretty damn dry! For some reason, the guy that plays Billy Ray just stares into nothing in some parts. Was this on purpose or..?? The punk chick in the movie is also the same in the dry acting department; she shows no emotion at all and seems sorta coked out too (haha!). Only good actors in the movie are Frank Stallone and Paul Smith who play a cop duo that don't agree on some things (of course).

If you enjoy movies like Death Wish and Hardcore, then Outlaw Force is worth a look. It may not be as great as those 2 legendary movies, but it tells the same kind of story and even somewhat has the same kind of characters. Give it a shot sometime. 4/10.

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