Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Paperboy and his mommy issues.

After finding out her mother has passed away, Melissa (along with her daughter Cammie) heads out to her hometown for the funeral. Supposedly, a heart attack killed Melissa's mother, but actually she was killed by the boy next door & local paperboy; Johnny McFarley.

Johnny killed the old woman in order to get Melissa to come home. He wants Melissa to be his mom and he also wants to be a big brother to Cammie. Johnny has longed to have a new mother ever since his real mom died. Now that Melissa is there, Johnny then tries to get her & Cammie to like him so that they can all be like a family. At first they do take a liking to Johnny since he's really nice to them, but then after hearing bad things about him from neighbors and seeing how crazy he gets, Melissa and Cammie avoid him at all costs.

This avoiding angers Johnny very much, it angers him so much that he ends up seriously injuring one of shit talking neighbors (a red headed teen girl), kills his neglectful father with a golf club (OUCH!), kills an old lady that calls him "evil", and then he attempts to kill Melissa's new boyfriend because he too isn't fond of Johnny at all. Now that he's gotten rid of people that are against him, Melissa can now be his mom and Cammie can now be his "little sis". If they don't be what he wants them to be, he's gonna have to get rid of them too!

Ever since I got a VHS copy of The Paperboy a few years ago (damn, time sure does fly!), I been very happy because this is a movie I been wanting to see for a while. Now that I own it and have seen it a dozen times, I can now (or later) die a happy man. I really enjoy this movie because it's pretty much similar to The Stepfather (which is an all time favorite movie of mine). What makes these movies so similar to each other is that they feature a character that just want to live a normal & family oriented life and they will do just about anything to make it possible. When I say "do just about anything", I mean anything! Anything like lying, murder, & manipulation. Ahhh... Fascinating, isn't it?

Even though I do really like The Paperboy, I must admit, there are some things that bother me at times....

First of all, there is the matter of Johnny and his rivalry with the red headed neighbor girl. Why do these two not 'like' each other?  Did they fight a while back? Perhaps Johnny just wants her but can't have her because she's with a lame guy?

Then there's the matter of Johnny wanting Melissa to be more than a mom to him. The whole point of the movie is that Johnny wants Melissa to be his mom, but then there are times where it appears that he wants Melissa in a romantic/sexual way. After seeing Johnny lusting after her (smelling her clothes, spying on her via telescope, etc.), he goes back unto that "I want a good mom" crap. So like... Does he want her as a mom/girlfriend? Or Just a mom? Or just a girlfriend? I could never figure that out nor will I ever! Boooo!

If you like The Stepfather, then perhaps you'll enjoy The Paperboy just as much. Look for a copy and hope you enjoy it! Cheers! 710.

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