Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dead in 30 seconds.

Sometimes, winning can kill you. Seriously!

When high school track star Laura Ramstead wins the big race in 30 seconds, she has a fatal heart attack afterwards. 2 months later, the high school is preparing for graduation day. Laura's older sister Anne arrives at the school to receive her deceased sister's diploma & track trophy posthumously. As the students prepare for graduation, the members of the track team are being killed off one by one... In 30 seconds! Weird, huh?!! The psycho doing this wears a fencing mask and sweats. Cool, huh? The reason why this psycho is killing the track team (and anyone around them) is because these people (along with the coach) were the ones responsible for Laura's death. They just kept on pressuring her to win the big race! So now, these pushy team members have to pay for what they did! Ouch!

Graduation Day, Graduation Day! Gosh, I love this movie. To me, this is like the perfect slasher movie because it takes place in a high school, dumb guys get killed, hot chicks get killed, hot chicks get naked (hehe!), and there's an ultra catchy song in the opening of the movie! The song is called "Everybody Wants To Be The Winner". It's so fast, so catchy, & so hip! You gotta love it! Speaking of the music in the movie, the other songs in the movie are garbage. The first garbage song is called "Graduation Day Blues", this one is performed by a couple of high school dorks that sound stoned out of their minds. The other song "Gangster Rock" is played by some crap band that wear tacky make-up. Its all loud & ugly sounding. The lyrics are stupid too. Fuck you, Gangster Rock!

This being a slasher movie & all (duh!), there's plenty of bloody kills. The first one is great since we get to see the ever-so adorable Linda Shayne getting her throat slit by the psycho in a fencing mask. The most memorable kill in the movie is the one where a jock gets stabbed with his own football! The football has a fencing sword attached to it! Now isn't that clever?! As great as these bloody kills sound, they aren't all that bloody. Oh sure, we do see some blood, but it's not much to go crazy over. Sorry gorehounds! This one won't please you.

Graduation Day is such a fun 80's slasher movie. As a matter of fact, it's pretty much my favorite 80's slasher movie. It's cheesy fun and not to be taken serious because let's face it, this movie is ridiculous as fuck. Still, a ridiculous movie isn't always bad. Sometimes, they're better than the serious movies (truths!).

If you haven't watched Graduation Day, then I recommend you do so very soon because you're missing out. If you've seen and you hated it, ahh hell.. Oh well!! 9/10.

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