Monday, May 21, 2012

"Unborn... Undead... An Alien Force they could not control!"

A Miami tv reporter named Craig Malford is doing a story on a science professor who has cloned alien DNA that was found in a meteor. The cloning was successful and it created a fetus of an alien being! Cool, huh? After doing the story, the professor & his crew are gunned down by mobsters and they steal the alien fetus so they can do crazy stuff with it. Turns out this alien fetus (or 'golem') is pretty powerful & pretty evil since it can kill people with telekinetic powers. A powerful alien being calls upon reporter Craig and tells him he must acquire the evil alien fetus and he must also kill it because if it fully develops into an super powerful alien creature; it will rule the galaxy!

Miami Horror (aka "Miami Golem") is a pretty cool movie filled with great action and evil alien fetus destruction! We get to see a fanboat explode, a helicopter shot down, lots of people getting shot down, and we also get to see a car explode all thanks to the evil alien fetus's telekinetic powers. Isn't that awesome?! Oh wait! Almost forgot! There's also this really weird scene set in a lab where we see alien ghostly images floating around. Now isn't that weird & cool at the same time?!?!

As awesome as the movie sounds, all the characters in the movie are pretty lame. That's the movie's weak spot. The characters are uninteresting and not really likable. Well, the alien chick Joanna is likable but only because she gets fully nude. Unfortunately, her haircut is awful. Booo!

Even though the characters are boring, Miami Horror is still pretty entertaining. There's cool action, awesome nudity, and a very awesome evil alien fetus with telekinetic powers. If you ever come across a copy of this movie, grab it. It's worth it! 6/10.

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