Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Is Winning Worth Killing For?"

A psycho is on the loose at a school for young & promising athletes! The psycho is track-suited & hooded. The weapon he (or she) uses to kill is a javelin. The psycho definitely knows how to use the javelin since he (or she) throws it far into the air so it can land (stab) unto chests! Why is this psycho with a javelin killing young athletes? Could it be because some of these athletes are slacking off? Who exactly is the psycho with the javelin? Watch Fatal Games to find out!

I like Fatal Games. There's lots of nudity and nice little blood. When I say there's lot of nudity, I mean it! Pretty much all the actresses in the movie get naked. There's boobs, asses, and a little bit of bush shown. As for the little blood; yes, there is little blood. There are scenes that do get really bloody, but unfortunately we can barely see it happening! Most of these ultra bloody scenes are set in a dark room (bogus!). I really like the way the psycho dresses; a tracksuit & hood is quite scary! I also like the fact that the psycho uses a javelin as a weapon. It's impressive as the fencing sword that is used in Graduation Day. Now that I think about it, Fatal Games is sorta like Graduation Day. They both feel the same and they both involve athletic sports. Of course, Graduation Day is far superior than Fatal Games.

Despite the lack of lights, Fatal Games is still worth looking into if you're a fan of cheesy 80's slasher movies. If you're not a fan of movies that lack lights (*cough*To All A Goodnight*cough*), then I suggest you skip it! Watch something that has plenty of lights turned on instead. 6/10.

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