Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm just a lonely Teenage Monster.

It's hard being a teenage boy. You got pimples all over your face, you constantly get boners in the middle of class, hair starts to grow in ugly parts of your body, and then you feel like everyone in the world hates you even though it's really you hating everyone in the world. Yep, being a teenage boy is awful. You know what's more awful though? Being a hairy & murderous Teenage Monster!

In Teenager Monster, a meteor crashes down on a boy named Charles. Charles survives this horrifying accident; but unfortunately he is now deformed since the radiation from the meteor got to him. 7 years later, Charles is now a teenager. He's no normal teenager though since he's really monstrous looking & blood thirsty! At night time (and occasionally the day time), monstrous Charles goes out to kill people for no good reason (of course). Charles's mama always tells him not to kill people, but he keeps on doing it anyway because he doesn't listen to a word she says (of course).

Set in the old west (haha), Teenage Monster is a very decent creature feature from the late 50's. It ain't no Teenage Werewolf or Teenage Frankenstein, but it still manages to entertain for an hour and 5 minutes. In this 65 minute creature feature; we see one special effect.. A cheap special effect.. That special effect would be the 'meteor' that fucks Charles up. The meteor is just a sparkler! Cool, huh?!! The plot is decent, it could of been better but at least its not filled with ridiculous plot holes like most creature features do. Both females in the movie are gorgeous! That of course is always a plus. Speaking of the females, I got quite fond of the actress that played Kathie. She is a cutie! Especially when she opens her eyes real wide... Ahhh.. Her eyes are beautiful... Beautiful as Tatiana's eyes. Ahhh...... Ahhh...

Teenage Monster is a simple little creature feature. It's not the best but it will entertain you or at least try to. Give it a shot sometime. 5/10.

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