Monday, May 28, 2012

17 Mexi-Trash Trailers To Watch Over and Over!!

Last time, I showed 10 Mexi-Trash trailers. Now, I bring you 17 Mexi-Trash Trailers To Watch Over and Over! These trashy trailers will make you feel dirty, ugly, weird, stupid, pervy, and macho. Enjoy em!

El Vuelo De La Muerte (1991)
Airplane hijacking, Cuba, and Terrorism. This is definitely trashy as fuck!

Mision Sangrienta (1990)
Lots of shooting and crashing in just 30 seconds! GREAT!

Maton A Sueldo (Tijeras) (1991)
You know what sucks? Having your daughter kidnapped by a gang of punks. You know what else sucks? Fighting a gang of punks while wearing a trench coat! Poor Miguel Angel Rodriguez

P.S. Say No To Piracy!!!

La Huella De Un Asesino (1991)
From the director of 38 Especial, Miguel Marte now brings you another trashy action/slasher movie! LA HUELLA DE UN ASESINO! Like the narrator of the trailer says: "THE BEST MARIO ALMADA MOVIE!"

El Calibre De La Venganza (1992)
Miguel Marte, why are some of your action movies so badass? Btw, where the hell are you?!?! I'm your biggest fan! Get in touch with me! Please!

Escape A La Muerte (1990)
So Damn Trashy & Mean!

Tirando A Matar (1991)
Pregnant chick getting beat up. Pregnant chick in the middle of gun battles. Miguel Marte! You once again go overboard! YES!

Una NorteƱa Bravia (Muerte En El Hipodromo) (1993)
So damn 90's. 

La Gallera (1988)
Classy looking crime movie with lots of rooster fights, mariachi music, and sombreros. Swell!

Palenque (1990)
Remember La Revancha? Crazy trailer, huh? Well, La Revancha is a sequel to Palenque. I have a copy of Palenque on VHS (a big box too!) and I must say, it's one sleazy little movie. Not too sleazy, but it is sleazy enough to make you feel uncomfortable at times.

Dos Cruces En El Ocaso (1991)
Even in the small pueblos in Mexico, there's sleaze & violence.

Duelo De Gatilleros (1991)
Half Western movie, Half Mafia movie? Looks good!

Secuestro A Mano Armada (1992)
Kidnapping Drama. Looks great.

Lucrecia: Cronica De Un Secuestro (????)
This looks interesting! Teenage guys kidnap a stripper and then they all become friends (with benefits) with her. Cool!

Un Macho En El Hotel (1988)
What can I say? This looks like loads of fun and Alberto Rojas "El Caballo" is always funny!

Fotografo De Modelos (1990)
Pedro Weber "Chatanuga" rules. Cesar Bono is king. a blonde Eva Garbo in white lingerie... Oh my!

Un Instante Para Morir (El Asesino Del Zodiaco) (1993)
Classy looking thriller with an amazing cast. This one I must see!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Rasec does Voodoo. Russek likes eating lobster.

In a little beach town in Mexico, attractive women are getting killed in ritualistic ways... Voodoo ritualistic ways. The man committing these voodoo killings is Mr. Orwell (Julio Rasec), a man that runs a photography store. Mr. Orwell commits these bizarre murders because he's crazy, pervy, and believes in some sort of high class voodoo god. It's up to a cop name Boris (Segio Goyri) and police commander De Soto (Jorge Russek) to capture this crazy ass voodoo killer. However, they got to have a lobster dinner before searching for the killer.

In Policia De Homicidios (aka "Police Homicide"), a lobster dinner is always a must. Through out the movie, Commander De Soto always seems to have a craving for lobster; and so he and Boris always head out to a restaurant to have a nice & expensive lobster dinner. Unfortunately, Boris always seems to pay for the dinner. Poor, poor Boris! Anyway, enough of the lobster dinner talk! So yeah, Policia De Homicidios is an okay little slasher movie. Then again, I really shouldn't call it a slasher movie since we don't actually see anyone getting killed! All we get to see is Mr. Orwell putting gloves on & mumbling voodoo words as he prepares to rape & mutilate an attractive woman. The rapes & mutilations are never seen at all! That really bites!! Still, at least we get to see bloody dead bodies and people getting shot.

The great & late Roberto Flaco Guzman guest stars in this movie as a doctor who is currently in jail for some unknown reason. Apparently Flaco Guzman M.D. is some kind of high level witch doctor that taught Mr. Orwell all about voodoo. In the end of the movie, he escapes from jail (by using a voodoo doll!) and calls up Boris saying he's out of his jail cell and bad shit is gonna go down. That ending obviously hinted there was going to be some kind of sequel. Perhaps it exists? Most likely not, but you may never know...

Policia De Homicidios could of been so much better if we actually got see the voodoo ritual killings. Still, it's worth watching once in a great while since it is pretty entertaining. Then maybe after watching the movie, you can have a nice lobster dinner. Yeah, that sounds good. Real good. Go for it. 5/10.

Monday, May 21, 2012

"Unborn... Undead... An Alien Force they could not control!"

A Miami tv reporter named Craig Malford is doing a story on a science professor who has cloned alien DNA that was found in a meteor. The cloning was successful and it created a fetus of an alien being! Cool, huh? After doing the story, the professor & his crew are gunned down by mobsters and they steal the alien fetus so they can do crazy stuff with it. Turns out this alien fetus (or 'golem') is pretty powerful & pretty evil since it can kill people with telekinetic powers. A powerful alien being calls upon reporter Craig and tells him he must acquire the evil alien fetus and he must also kill it because if it fully develops into an super powerful alien creature; it will rule the galaxy!

Miami Horror (aka "Miami Golem") is a pretty cool movie filled with great action and evil alien fetus destruction! We get to see a fanboat explode, a helicopter shot down, lots of people getting shot down, and we also get to see a car explode all thanks to the evil alien fetus's telekinetic powers. Isn't that awesome?! Oh wait! Almost forgot! There's also this really weird scene set in a lab where we see alien ghostly images floating around. Now isn't that weird & cool at the same time?!?!

As awesome as the movie sounds, all the characters in the movie are pretty lame. That's the movie's weak spot. The characters are uninteresting and not really likable. Well, the alien chick Joanna is likable but only because she gets fully nude. Unfortunately, her haircut is awful. Booo!

Even though the characters are boring, Miami Horror is still pretty entertaining. There's cool action, awesome nudity, and a very awesome evil alien fetus with telekinetic powers. If you ever come across a copy of this movie, grab it. It's worth it! 6/10.