Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Night of Bloody Horror.

Back when Wesley was a kid, he did something bad. Real bad.

Wesley accidentally shot & killed his little brother with a rifle. After the fatal accident, young Wesley had a mental breakdown and went under psychiatric care for 13 years! After the therapy or whatever the hell, Wesley is engaged to a nice & pretty girl. Unfortunately, the engagement doesn't last long since Wesley's fiancée is brutally murdered in a confessional booth! Years after the brutal murder, Wesley meets a gorgeous nurse after getting drunk & mugged on the street. The two have an epic romance, but unfortunately the epic romance doesn't last long (Bogus!). When Wesley and his new girl go to the beach, he gets a terrible migraine and runs off to the nearest store to buy beer. Next thing you know, Wesley's girl is axed in the chest!

Another Wesley girl is dead. Why is Wesley killing them?!!!!!! They're so hot! Maybe it's not him killing the hot chicks. It could be his mama, or daddy, or just maybe the little brother that got shot isn't quite dead!

I like Night of Bloody Horror. The plot is okay, the characters are interesting, the migraine/flashback scenes are trippy, and the chicks in the movie are pretty hot. Especially the reporter chick! You gotta love her hair and fake eyelashes! The killings in the movie are surprisingly (& unfortunately) mild. With a title like Night of Bloody Horror, you would think there would be all this amazing fake blood splattering around, but nope. Just in a couple of scenes, but that's it. Oh well.

Even though I dig Night of Bloody Horror for its decent plot, interesting characters, trippy scenes, and hot chicks. It's kinda hard to recommend it to everybody. It doesn't deliver much in the blood & creepy department, so it's bound to disappoint some people. However, the movie is real easy to acquire. It appears to be in the public domain, so you can find this movie anywhere for a real low price. If you're curious, get it. You may like it, you may not. Either way, Night of Bloody Horror is worth watching at least once. Try watching it on a dull Saturday night while eating chicken wings. I guarantee that will make the viewing more pleasant. 4/10.

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