Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Trashy Cinderella Story.

Once upon a time,

There was a teenage boy named Corey Gorey. His father was killed in an automobile accident. Corey was also in the accident. Fortunately he survived, but his face is all bruised up and scarred. After the accident, he moves to a new house with his wicked (fat, loud mouthed) stepmother and wicked stepbrother named Biff. Both step relatives hate Corey very much. They abuse him and force him to do a bunch of lame chores! At the new school he attends, Corey falls in love with a girl named Jackie. Jackie is pretty fucking hot but unfortunately she's a real bitch. To win her over, Corey acquires 2 front row seats to an Ozzy Osbourne concert. The day of the concert, trashy Biff steals the tickets and takes bitchy Jackie to the concert! Apparently after the concert, Biff got Jackie stoned, fingered her & banged her in a gas station bathroom (Ahh... Memories of losing my virginity in a gas station bathroom..). This of course pisses off Corey. The two end up fighting over this, and by accident, Biff loses an arm (& dies) thanks to a broken shower window. Worrying about getting blamed for the accidental death, Corey chops up Biff's body and puts it all in the freezer. Then he ties up his fat, loud mouthed stepmother because he doesn't want her finding about the accident. So now, Corey has freedom (finally!). Although, more people accidentally die because of Corey's stupid actions & crazy attitude!

Little Corey Gorey is hands down a trash classic. Why this movie doesn't have a big cult following, I don't know, but it should have one though! Seriously, this movie is just fucking amazing and trashy. The story, the characters, the blood & gore effects are simply amazing! I love everything about this damn movie! From start to finish, this movie never gets boring. It never stops making you laugh either since a lot of the dialogue is ridiculously hilarious!

Bloody, Funny, Ugly, Trashy, and Ridiculous. Little Corey Gorey is a must watch for fans of trashy cinema. I want you all to watch it. You know who else wants you to watch it? The director of the movie! Bill Morroni set up a little website for the movie where you can watch the uncut version for Free. Free? Yes, FREE. So go on over to the Corey Gorey website and watch the movie free of charge. I enjoyed it, maybe you will too! 10/10.


Aaron said...

One of the podcasts I listen to covered this a couple of months back and it sounded pretty interesting. Your review has me even more intrigued now.

Alex Jowski said...

This movie looks awesome! I need to check it out sometime.