Thursday, February 23, 2012

"It's not just a man's world anymore."

Tomboy tells the story of Tommy. Tommy is a tomboy chick that loves fixing cars, driving fast, play sports, and creaming her panties over a stock car driver named Randy Starr. When Tommy meets Randy, they quickly fall in love with each other (awww..). When Randy disses Tommy's ability to race stock cars, Tommy then challenges him to race against her. So, both competitors (that are in love with each other) fix up their stock cars & practice hard for the epic race of the sexes!

For some reason, I didn't like Tomboy when I first watched it many years ago. It took me like a couple of more viewings to really get into it and appreciate it for what it is. It's not so bad really. Sure it is stupid, but hey! This is an 80's Crown International movie! Their 80's movies at least tried to entertain as much as possible. What makes this movie watchable is the lovely Betsy Russell. She's pretty much the only good actress in the movie. Everyone else sucks (seriously). She's also the hottest chick in the movie (of course!). Her hair may look awful, but good gosh, her body is amazing. She's got a cute face too! The music in the movie is catchy, I like it. I really wish there was an official soundtrack available (seriously).

Love stock cars? Love boobs? Love tomboys? Check out Tomboy then. 5/10.

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Aaron said...

Aw man, I love Betsy Russell. And her boobs. But that HAIR!