Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Deadly Love Is Forever.

Back in 1965, Ann and Buddy had an epic love. Too bad this epic love came to an end when Ann's hateful dad kills Buddy with his shotgun. In the present time, Ann is older and continues to miss Buddy like crazy. She's never gotten over his death (obviously). She misses Buddy so much that she starts to look into black magic to bring him back from the dead. After doing some ritual, a 'resurrected' Buddy visits her every night and gives her roses. When local teenagers harass the shit outta crazy Ann, she gets depressed and commits suicide. The only family Ann had was a niece, this niece inherits the house Ann lived in and died in. When the niece moves in to the house, a man in a motorcycle outfit can be seen lurking in and out of the house at night time. Could this ghostly motorcycle guy be Buddy? Or could it be some weirdo from Ann's past?

Deadly Love is quite intriguing. It is a slasher/supernatural film about lost love and psychotic longing. I'm a sucker for lost love stuff and 80's horror trash, so a combination of both makes me smile pretty darn big. As good as it sounds, the movie still has it's issues. The movie gets pretty boring in the middle since all we see is window peeking and 'ghostly' Buddy lurking around. Once we start seeing stupid teenagers getting killed with rope & sharp objects, the movie jumps right back at being intriguing.

I like Deadly Love. It's fun and fascinating if you don't over analyze it and judge it for it's low budget. The story is good and the characters are interesting. That's all that really matters, right? Right! Check out Deadly Love sometime. 6/10.

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