Friday, January 13, 2012


2 lovely & trashy chicks called K.C. snd Jo are fresh out of jail. To keep out of trouble, they both decide to run an old marina in a dirty little town where it appears only dirty redneck men live there. One redneck in particular doesn't like K.C. and Jo at all... His name is Junior. He lives with his mama (played by a man in drag), he's a pervert, and he is one crazy ass mofo. Not only does Junior harass K.C. and Jo all the time, he also tries to kill them both! Damn Junior, Damn!

Junior (aka "Hot Water" and "A Cut Above") is lots of fun. Seriously! From beginning to end, this movie never fails to entertain. There's great boob shots, booty shots, and awesome over the top violence. The movie also goes by real quick, so don't worry about it getting slow because it never ever ever does!

Junior is basically like PsychoI Spit On Your Grave, and Deliverance combined. If you love those 3 movies and random T&A scenes, then I guarantee you'll dig the shit outta Junior. 8/10.

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Aaron said...

Cool screenshots. I gotta see this!