Friday, January 13, 2012

High School Hit Girl.

Poor Kim. Her daddy killed himself 2 years ago. A popular dude named Kevin dumped her for a snobby rich girl. She also won't be graduating High School due to her poor grades. POOR, POOR KIM! One night after smoking pot & drinking liquor with her best friend, Kim decides she's gonna change to get what she wants. So, she starts to dress slutty in order to get good grades from her male teachers, she also starts to prostitute herself so she can buy a new car and have money in the bank! Then out of nowhere, our trashy heroine is offered a better prostituting job by a mobster. After working the better prostituting job, she's offered a new(er) job! This new job is to kill mob enemies! So, Kim becomes a hit girl for the mafia. Looks like things are finally going well for Kim. YAY KIM!

Malibu High is fantastic. This movie defines Exploitation. It's got awesome nudity, sex, violence, and likable sleazy characters. God Bless Crown International Pictures for giving us this fantastic film!

I love Malibu High and I think you should love it too. It is one damn great & sleazy exploitation movie. I highly recommend it for all Exploitation lovers. 8/10.

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Kev D. said...

If you like boobs with tanlines, then you will love this film. Apparently.