Friday, January 13, 2012

Cocaine: Fatal Addiction.

Cocaina: Vicio Mortal (aka "Cocaine: Fatal Addicition") tells the tragic story of a woman called "Neli" (played by Rebeca Silva). Neli has lived a fucked up life since she was a child. As she grew older, her life was quite dull and meaningless. Then one day, she meets a young gigolo (Fernando Saenz) that takes an interest in her. After living with the gigolo dude for quite some time, she decides to become a bar girl/prostitute to make a living. The guy decides to retire from giogoling to become a cocaine pusher for a local mob boss (Xorge Noble aka Jorge Noble). Needing a helping hand, the guy then gets Neli to work with him acquiring cocaine and collecting money. From there, they become wealthy but their lives become very risky since they get hooked on cocaine and deal with dangerous criminals.

Cocaina: Vicio Mortal is a Trashy SOV Film. The story is sleazy & fucked up! The characters (minus Neli) are sleaze bags that are very unlikable. I felt so bad for Neli since she always has to interact with these kinds of people! There's some violence, but of course it is poorly done. The gun shots sound cheap and the little blood shown looks like kool-aid. There's sex, but the sex is no good since it's incest and nasty looking. As for the music in the movie... There's crummy live mariachi music performed in night clubs, Los Terricolas playing 2 cheesy ballads, and through out the whole movie we hear a depressing song play over & over. The depressing song is composed by an electric keyboard. Now that makes the movie even more trashy than it already is. Wow!

An emotional SOV movie about cocaine, crime, and sexual abuse is definitely a trashy experience. I have never seen anything like this and I am soooo glad that I found this because it is a unique Mexican Trash movie. If you come across this anywhere, please get it! You will not regret it! 10/10.

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