Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wolfman Goes Hawaiian!

Jason Palmer (Robert Foxworth) is a workaholic. He is such a workaholic that he has nightmares about his grandfather battling evil native Hawaiians! Weird, huh? Jason, tired & stressed out, goes to a doctor and the doctor prescribes him something all hard working Americans deserve once in a while, "Take a Vacation". So, he takes a vacation to an island in Hawaii where his grandfather was a grouchy looking missionary. The Hawaiian vacation seems awesome at first since Jason is relaxing and meets a pretty girl, but of course awful shit starts to happen. There's robberies and women are being torn to pieces by a werewolf. Now, who is the werewolf in Hawaii? Jason of course! Why does he turn into a werewolf? Watch Death Moon to find out!

Death Moon is a such a great movie! I mean seriously, it's really great. We got an awesome cast that includes Dolph Sweet and Branscombe Richmond! Then there's the wonderful werewolf scenes, the werewolf looks cool and even though we don't see any bloodshed, it is at least described brutally! I thought the story was good, pretty original I say since it's not everyday we see a movie about a werewolf in Hawaii. I mean come on, when was the last time you saw a movie about a werewolf in Hawaii? Death Moon may be great, but it is pretty darn slow unfortunately. Still, I didn't mind the slow pacing since the characters are interesting and very likable. I didn't mind one bit hearing about their careers and private life.

This is a pretty rare tv movie. It was only released on VHS and those tapes are pretty darn hard to find. Lucky for me though, I found a copy at a small thrift shop. The tape was in an old black clamshell case with a tiny paper on the spine that says "Death Moon" and "Color/90 MTs". Just Beautiful!

The IMDb rating for Death Moon is very lame. It deserves a 6/10 Instead of a "3.6/10". Ridiculous! Whoever rated it this low must be a snooty film watcher or just expected way too much from a tv movie. I think this is a must see for 70's tv movie aficionados.

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Burl said...

I like this one too! I'm going to have to review it on my blog one of these days! Ha ha, you're absolutely right - it's not every day you see a wolfman in Hawaii!