Sunday, December 18, 2011

Those Ol' Deadly Dreams.

Poor Alex. When he was just a little boy on Christmas Eve, he witnessed his parents being killed by a hunter wearing a ghoulish looking wolf mask. Alex, now 21, continues to dream about his parents' murder and himself being murdered as well. The murderer in the dreams is of course the hunter from Christmas Eve. Now who the fuck is the hunter and why did he kill Alex's parents? Hunter dude is a man called Perkins. Perkins worked for Alex's dad and somehow he got screwed over by him and that lead to the brutal murder. Anyway, so Alex continues to have these awful nightmares of the hunter, he meets a hot chick named Maggie (played by Juliette Cummins), the hunter follows him all over the place, and then Alex finds a dead deer in his bathroom. Lovely.

Deadly Dreams starts off great but then the movie ends up getting real boring in the middle thanks to the dull talk scenes and repetitive flashback scenes. Deadly Dreams at least has brutal bloodshed and a cool looking killer. There's also this great sex scene with Maggie and her real boyfriend! Good lord, the sex scene is almost pornographic. It Is Amazing!

Bloodshed and Sex. That's all Deadly Dreams pretty much offers. I don't really recommend it but if you do ever come across it, go ahead and buy it. The VHS cover is fucking beautiful at least. 4/10.


the-scandyfactory said...

i love this movie

Ex Nihilo said...

This looks like a blast. And it features Xander Berkeley!