Monday, December 12, 2011

"A Psychological Thriller with a Cutting Edge of Terror."

The crazy things people do for money!

Take crazy Plastic Surgeon Dr. Phillip Reynolds for instance. When his father in law dies and leaves Dr. Reynolds' missing daughter Heather 5 million dollars, the mad doctor decides to get some of that money himself by fixing up an unknown woman's brutally fucked up face.... He fixes her face to look exactly like Heather! After fixing her face, he starts to teach 'Jane Doe' (the unknown woman) how to act and speak exactly like Heather! The surgery & practicing definitely pays off, Jane (as Heather) claims the money and everything is now great for Dr. Reynolds because he is going to get half of the 5 million bucks as a donation from "Heather" and he's also banging Jane on a daily basis (kinda creepy, huh?). Then out of nowhere, the real Heather comes home. Dr. Reynolds is happy to see his daughter again, Jane isn't happy at all since she wants the doctor all to herself. Still, Heather isn't exactly back home to see daddy and be happy with him. She's got something planned for her dad. Something poor ol' Jane gladly gets involved in.

I really like Scalpel (also known as "False Face"). The story is interesting, the cast do a great job playing their crazy characters, and the ending is very satisfying. Let's just say everyone in the movie gets what they deserve. It's good & bad, but mostly good. John Grissmer only directed 3 movies, the first being The Bride (great movie btw), then Scalpel, and the boring Blood Rage. What a shame John Grissmer didn't direct more movies, he was a good director and a good writer. Scalpel is his best movie I think. It's well written and filled with unique characters that are just so damn likable. Even Dr. Reynolds. He's a sick twisted man, but he's still kind of a badass. Ya gotta love him!

Never been released on DVD, but the VHS tape is easy to acquire online. I really recommend Scalpel for fans of great psychological thrillers that have great twists and turns. This one never bores. Just entertains from start to finish. 9/10. 

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