Friday, December 23, 2011

Mickey Rooney & Killer Toys.

Mickey Rooney stars in the fifth and final Silent Night, Deadly Night movie. He plays an old fart called Joe Petto (Geppetto) and he makes unique kinds of toys. Some are big. Some are small. All of them are equally cool and deadly! Joe Petto's son Pino (short for Pinocchio. Get it?) helps him make these deadly toys. Some of these deadly toys are built specifically for a kid named Derek. For some reason, Petto and Pino don't like Derek. So, they try to kill him with toys built to torture and kill!

As a small child looking at the horror section at BlowOut Video, the cover for Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker frightened me every time I saw it. Today, I own a copy of that same tape and finally watched the damn movie. Did I enjoy the damn movie? Yeah, but only because it's so stupid that it makes me laugh. It's stupid but watchable at least since there is some great killer toy scenes and awfully hilarious scenes with the oddball creep called Mickey Rooney.

The Toy Maker is worth a look if curious. Give it a shot but don't expect it to be something amazing. 3/10.

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