Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bloody Carnage at Andy Milligan's House.

Carnage starts off pretty fucked up. First we see a couple who appear to be getting married. Then after a little while, we realize they're not getting married. They're actually going to commit suicide in wedding outfits. The 'groom' pulls out a gun, shoots his 'bride', and then shoots himself. 3 years later, a newlywed couple moving into a nice, old house. This old house belonged to the couple that committed suicide. The newlyweds enjoy the house at first, but then weird shit starts happening. Things move around by themselves, an old record player keeps playing the wedding march, and a cleaning lady is attacked by a ghost! The ghost is the bride that was killed in the beginning of the movie.

Carnage really scares me. I'm probably the only person in the world that has been scared by an Andy Milligan movie. Then again, I took his weird love story serious so maybe something is wrong with me (of course). The scenes with the bloody ghost bride give me goosebumps and an unsettling feeling inside me! Seriously! There's this other particular scene that really freaked me out, it's this one part where the spooked out cleaning lady is recovering at her apartment. Next thing you know, she slits her throat with a straight razor. The face she makes before killing herself is very creepy. Why she made such a creepy face before killing herself, I don't know!

Like most Milligan movies, Carnage goes by slow. Terrible at times but comforting as well since I need tiny breaks from being freaked out. There's gore, but it is crappy of course. The intestines we see being pulled by the bloody ghost bride are very cheap looking! Then there's a woman's head being chopped off with an axe... The chopped off head is a mannequin head!

If you need a Haunted House movie fix, check out Carnage. You could like it. 6/10.                                 

                                  VHS cover found at CultMovieForums (uploaded by videohunter)


Burl said...

Ha ha! I've got a VHS copy of this one in my basement! I'll have to watch it some time! There's a great biography of Andy Milligan called The Ghastly One, which I highly recommend everyone read! It's by Jimmy McDonough, who's also done books about Russ Meyer and Neil Young! All of those are worth reading too!

Stevie B. said...

I bought this movie for $1 at the local supermarket of all places a couple of years ago. Don't recall it being very good though.