Monday, November 14, 2011

Welcome Home Bro.

Meet Charles Murray, a badass dude and a badass drug pusher. When the cops arrest him, one of them being a bigot and all.. Calls him a nigger, beats him up, and attempts to castrate him. After that brutal torture, Charles is sent to prison where he has terrible nightmares and gets experimented on. Apparently these experiments gave him the power to hypnotize and it also made his penis ridiculously huge. Well actually, Charles can make it large by just focusing very hard (get it?). With these 2 powers, he decides to get revenge on the people that were responsible for his arrest and prison sentencing.

First, we got the bigot cop that almost cut his balls & dick off. He gets strangled by the large penis. Then there's an attorney, who also gets strangled with the ridiculously large penis. Before all this goes down, badass Charles fucks their wives (they obviously enjoy it) and gets them to do what he wants. That my friends, is Soul Vengeance.

Soul Vengeance ( aka "Welcome Home Brother Charles") is a very weird and funny blaxploitation movie. I mean seriously, this movie is pretty weird. The fact that Charles is getting revenge on these people with his giant penis is just plain fucking weird! Funny too! Not only is that funny, but there are certain scenes that had me cracking up. Like this one part where the bigot cop attempts to kill his wife (she fucked a black man, woo!). Him thinking she's dead, she gains consciousness,  and tells him that's he's not even man enough to finish what he was trying to do. Hahaha, geez... How cruel & funny is that?

So as you can see, Soul Vengeance is weird film that will make you laugh and smile. You better check it out before a giant black penis strangles you. Ya dig? 7/10.

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