Friday, November 18, 2011

Goodnight God Bless.

A priest walks into a school playground. He stabs a teacher and shoots a bunch of kids. Fortunately, one kid survives. The kid's name is Mandy. Mandy being the only survivor of this brutal massacre, is questioned by a nerdy looking detective and from there he starts to go out with Mandy and her pretty mother. As the detective tries to bang Mandy's mom, the killer priest is still in the streets killing people. Unfortunately, we don't see him killing. Just pointing his knife at women and throwing his rosary at them. Lame shit, man!

Dammit, Goodnight God Bless could of been so much better. It seriously needed more killer priest scenes and scenes of him killing, not scenes of him pointing his knife and throwing a rosary to the floor. Sure that builds some suspense but after those 2 things, it cuts to an unnecessary scene involving the cops and the dorky detective that wears an awful yellow sweater. Speaking of that sweater, there's this scene where he (the detective & wearing that yellow sweater on his back) is at a theme park with Mandy and mum. They ride a carousel, pet some animals, etc. and as they do those corny things, an awful love song plays. That song is painful to listen to. It's not catchy (at least) but gosh darnit, it fucking sucks so badly. Uggghhh.. Well, the ending is okay at least. It doesn't make sense but it's a cheesy/freaky ending and I like those kind of endings. Don't you?

Goodnight God Bless could of been so much better. The video cover makes the movie look cool and even the trailer that plays before the movie makes it cool looking. What a shame and what a waste of time it is. Bored? Sleepy? Watch this then. 3/10.

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