Thursday, October 13, 2011

Scary Movie is a scary movie.

Fear can really fuck with your head.

In Scary Movie, a teenage dork named Warren is on his way with some friends to a spooky Spook House on Halloween Night! While the friends seem excited to enter the Spook House, Warren however is not at all excited to enter because he is extremely paranoid about everything around him. When poor ol' Warren hears that a psychopathic killer named John Louis Barker is on the loose and near the Spook House, Warren's paranoia grows higher and when he enters the spook house, a man in a ghoulish costume is chasing him all over the place. Could this man in the ghoulish costume be John Louis Barker?

Scary Movie is a scary movie. From start to finish we feel Warren's paranoia and the setting of the movie only makes the feeling more worse since it is dark and crowded with odd people in dumb costumes (scarrrryyyyy). There's not much blood in the movie, but that doesn't matter since there's better things in the movie to get freaked out over! (screams, laughter, etc.) Characters in the movie are interesting, they are the typical late 80's type of characters (dumb slang talk, bad hair, etc.) and our main man Warren is lovable since you gotta feel super bad for the guy. By the way, Butch Patrick has a nice part in this movie and he references a Wolf-Wolf doll. Awesome, huh?

This is a nice, no... A Great Halloween Horror flick. Why it's obscure I don't know, but it really shouldn't be. 9/10. 

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Kev D. said...

The man-child holding that doll is DEFINITELY scary as sin.