Sunday, October 16, 2011

Enter "The Basement".

4 people enter a Basement where they meet a ghoulish character named "The Sentinel". The Sentinel tells each person how they will die. Here are the death stories that are terrifying, weird, gory, and cheesy as hell.

Swimming Pool
A cruel woman uses a demonic creature that lives in her pool to kill people she despises very much. First story is great, it's simple and filled with goofy characters. Unfortunately, no demonic creature is shown.

Trick or Treat
This story is basically a Halloween version of "A Christmas Carol". A man who despises Halloween and children gets a bizarre visit from his dead wife, she tells him he must celebrate Halloween or else The Spirits of Halloween (a monster, a witch, a mummy) will fuck him up and then kill him. Naturally, the man doesn't listen so he ends up getting his flesh torn apart, Witch puss on his sleeves, and then gets killed. I like this story a lot, it's gory and very awesome since it takes place on Halloween. The Spirits of Halloween and the dead wife look great too. Cheesy Monsters FTW!

Zombie Movie
A filmmaker who loves cocaine and dirty women is currently making a zombie movie. Thing is though, the zombie movie is being horribly made. This for some reason upsets 'real' zombies, so they come out of their graves and go after the filmmaker & some of the crew members. This story doesn't make any sense but the 'real' zombies look cool at least.

Home Sweet Home
A college graduate dude buys an old house with a terrible past. Apparently, children were tortured and murdered in that house, but that doesn't bother the dude at all, so whatever. One night, his friend is killed brutally by some kind of monster/ghost. Then the next night, the dude's girlfriend is dismembered by that same monster/ghost thing. Could the spirit of the former owner be doing this? This is the least good story. It doesn't make any sense and you can barely see what's happening since it is ridiculously dark.

Even though there's little flaws and 2 confusing stories, The Basement is a pretty cool horror anthology movie. I love the Super 8 film look and again, I love the cheesy monsters in the movie. There's also nice blood & gore shots and of course there's likable characters. This once incomplete Horror Anthology Movie is worth checking out. Got 20some dollars to spare? Then buy The Basement Camp Retro 80's Collection. It's a nice collection! This collection contains a VHS copy of The Basement and it has great SOV Horror flicks on 2 DVD's (Video Violence 1&2, Cannibal Campout & Captives aka Mama's Home) and of course there's a nice DVD copy of The Basement just incase you don't own a VCR anymore. This collection is worth it. So get it! 7/10.

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