Friday, October 28, 2011

Kristy Swanson in "Deadly Friend".

Sam, you can bring baked goods to me anytime. I love youuuu.

Paul's "Deadly Friend" is gorgeous.

Teenage genius Paul, his robot BB, and his mother move to new town where he is going to attend a fancy college studying the human brain. In this new town, he makes new friends. Like Tom, who seems to be the same age as him and is extremely awkward. Then of course there's the girl next door, Sam (short for Samantha) who unfortunately lives with her very strict & cruel father that obviously resembles Freddy Krueger (very funny, Wes!).

 On Halloween night, BB is destroyed by an old paranoid neighbor lady's shotgun. This of course upsets Paul & friends very much. Then after having a nice Thanksgiving dinner with Paul and his mother, Sam falls off her stairs all thanks to Daddy Krueger. Paul gets more upset than ever but then he thinks of something that is unbelievable yet somehow it could work. Knowing that Sam is going to die soon, Paul decides to save her life by reviving her brain using BB's computer memory chip. So, he and awkward Tom steal Sam's almost lifeless body, insert the chip into Sam's almost lifeless brain, and revive her back to life.

Now that she is living again via a computer chip, Sam is doing some very cruel stuff. What exactly is Sam doing? Haha, well she (or in some cases, "BB")  is going around the neighborhood killing the people that killed him/her. Like Sam's father, he gets his face burned (like Freddy!). Then of course there's the paranoid neighbor lady, she gets it good. Sam (or BB, or whatever) throws a basketball very hard at the neighbor lady's head. This leaves a very big mess. A very big, bloody mess.

Deadly Friend is a family favorite. Back in the day, my parents would always rent this movie for themselves or in some cases, for my older brother and I. We all pretty much loved it to death (I'm serious). We loved it so much, we'd rent it all the damn time (again, I'm serious). Why we never bought our own tape, I don't know. But later on in 03 or 04, we finally bought a VHS copy at a swap meet. Then when the DVD was finally released in 07, my mom right away bought it. It is amazing knowing this gory 80's horror flick is a family favorite. This is why I love the movie so much, it brings back those nice memories of watching brutal kills with my family, quoting the movie together, awwing at BB, and laughing positively at the twist ending. Those were definitely The Wonder Years.

Deadly Friend is amazing in every way, it is truly underrated and needs more attention than other Wes Craven movies. It has all the great stuff you expect to see in a classic 80's horror movie! Okay, so maybe there's no nudity. At least Sam looks good, even as a robot. She's gorgeous. So damn gorgeous.  I wish she was my Deadly Friend. *sigh* 10/10.