Monday, September 5, 2011

Picking my nose and killing young girls.

So, there's this dude named "Joe" who's your typical middled-aged weirdo that lusts after young girls. One day (a weird day), Joe gives a homeless man a drink of his whiskey in exchange to learn a trick that could make him transform into anything he wishes. Joe being a weirdo and wanting young girls, he transforms into a young girl and goes to high school where he meets nice girls that are rapeable, killable, and eatable.

The Nostril Picker is one weird ass fucking movie and I like it!!! The movie is really bloody, that of course is always a plus for me since I love movies with lots of blood in em. There's also plenty of laughs in this movie since the characters are goofy and the scenes in Joe's apartment are ridiculously hilarious. The ending is shitty however since it's very predictable. Overall though, the movie is watchable and enjoyable for a lazy Saturday afternoon. If you ever come across it, buy it. 6/10.

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