Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fuck the Mall.

The Midwood City Mall has just opened. It's a great mall since there's a bitchin' record store and a bitchin' food court where the (very) irritating Pauly Shore serves frozen yogurt to cute chicks. There's great security at the mall. Tommy from Hack-O-Lantern is there guarding the mall by looking creepy and wearing a stupid earring, then there's guards on camera surveillance checking for thieves and hot chicks trying out clothes. Yeah, this is The All American Mall.

However, someone is living under the Midwood City Mall......

His name is Eric and he's making the mall a living Hell since he's killing stupid mall goers and stupid employees. He does this because one year ago, his house got caught on fire by 'accident' and then the city of Midwood right away built a mall where Eric's home used to be at. Everyone thinks Eric died in the fire, but nope.. He's still alive. He's horribly disfigured. He's psychotic. And he's still in love with his girlfriend, Melody. When Eric finds out Melody is in love with another guy, Eric goes mad and wants everyone at the mall dead, including Melody. So he sets up a bomb and.... Well, I'm sure you know where this is gonna go.

When I first saw Phantom of the Mall: Eric's Revenge last year, I was disappointed big time because Melody turns into a fucked up chick when the movie is coming to an end. That seemed very odd to me because through out the whole movie, Melody seemed to be a kind girl who's still getting over Eric's 'death'. Why is it til the end we see a different kind of Melody? Was this intended? I don't get it!! Whatever though, the movie still a has a decent story (minus the ending). Phantom of the Mall is also filmed very good! Since the movie mainly takes place in the mall (duh), we get nice shots of cheesy 80's looking stores and casual late 80's people walking around. Ahhh, I love looking at malls from the 80's. They looked so fun to be at, unlike now a days.

Anyways, so the movie is somewhat well written, well shot, and it also has a great soundtrack. The Vandals' "Is There A Phantom Of The Mall?" is a perfect song to play in the end. I love it! As for violence & gore... Oh yes! It delivers plenty of that, I love the violence and gore in this movie.

Disappointing in the end but it is still worth checking out. Surprisingly there's a Phantom of the Mall DVD but I don't know if it's worth getting since I own this movie on VHS. However, if you find it somewhere for a great price, buy it. It is worth watching once in a great while. 5/10.

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