Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sadistic Love.

Hector and Elizabeth have just gotten married. They're on their honeymoon now and that means they're gonna make love all day and all night (woo!). When the loving begins, Hector finds out something 'bad'. Elizabeth is not a virgin. He's pissed off because she lied to him. Instead of reasoning with her, Hector beats her up. As the weeks go by, the marriage is shit because Hector is physically & verbally abusing Elizabeth almost every day and he's also cheating on her with prostitutes. Oh, almost forgot. Hector also abuses prostitutes. He beats one up, then burns her vagina with a lighter. Pretty sadistic, huh?

The movie only gets more fucked up as it goes on. One minute you're seeing Hector brutally beating up a man in custody (Hector is a cop), the next minute he's beating the living shit out of his wife because she doesn't want to be involved in a threesome. Pretty fucked up, eh?

Sadico Amor (aka "Sadistic Love") is very disturbing. Yes it's low budget but the movie feels real, it doesn't feel staged at all. I guess it feels real since stuff like this unfortunately does happen. Also, the beating scenes look like they were done for real. Im pretty sure they were real since we do (actually) see fists hitting faces very hard.

 I find this movie very interesting and well done. The plot is great and all the characters seem very real. The acting is of course very good, Guillermo Quintanilla does a good job playing Hector and Jorge Reynoso also does a good job playing the sympathetic friend. Only problem with the movie is the ending. The ending is too cheesy for a movie like this! Lets just say, it's very horror inspired. Its something us fans of horror have seen a million fucking times.

If movies like An American Crime and The Girl Next Door are way too brutal for you, then don't check out Sadico Amor. Sadico Amor is just as disturbing as those two movies. It will disgust you and for sure it will upset you. 8/10.

                                          VHS cover found at El Norte Sleazy Picture Show

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