Monday, August 15, 2011

Panic In The Forest!

In Panico En El Bosque (aka "Panic In The Forest"), the forest is a very dangerous place to be at. You could be assaulted by a trio of punks or get killed brutally by a big, childish man.

Roberto 'Flaco' Guzman plays the head forest ranger in this movie. He takes his job very serious because he loves the forest and he wants it to be a safe place for people to go to. One foggy night, something awful happens. A little girl is being verbally abused by her mother, when the little girl steps out of her house (which is in the forest), a big (unseen) man steps inside the house and scrapes the abusive mother's face off. Then not long after that, a goofy looking forest ranger is stabbed to death. Two brutal murders have happened in the forest. The head ranger is curious to know who the killer is, and people's lives are now at risk when they come to the forest. If you decide to go to the forest to sniff glue, get drunk, or have a romantic picnic... Beware of childish giants and crazy punks. They might just end your life in a fucked up way.

Panico En El Bosque is an odd and sloppy movie. The mood of the movie is uncomfortable and that makes it somewhat creepy. The editing is sloppy as fuck and that makes the movie go by quickly and weird. I don't know who edited this movie, but he or she did not do a great job at all. Since this is a slasher movie, there's bloody kills but these bloody kills are cheap. Still though, I like cheap bloody kills. Cheap bloody kills make me happy (very).

This late 80's mexi-slasher Is worth looking into. Sure it's not easy to find, but if you ever come across it.. Get it and watch it. 6/10.

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