Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh, What a Hell Night. A Review by Ross Tipograph

Message from Blogo Trasho Mascot, Payasito (Translated in English):

Hello Friends! So in case you don't know (which you should, my friends!) Raculfright_13 is in Tijuana (for a week!) to forget Melinda Maloney. He recently found out she is dating a douchebag instead of someone awesome like him (which she should, since he's awesome and watches awesome movies!). Anywho, so he asked me to find a temporary writer to work on the next review. I found an awesome fellow by the name of Ross Tipograph and he wrote a great review of Hell Night exclusively for Blogo Trasho. Enjoy it my friends and please pray for Raculfright_13.

Thanks! Cheers! - Payasito

College kids can be dicks. Big ones. Apparently. According to the movies. Particularly in Hell Night, where one of the ultimate scream queens, Linda Blair, lets down her royal pedigree to play a large-breasted (big-brained!) sorority girl, who just really, totally doesn’t wanna be here! But here she is, with another girl and two handsome bachelor fratboys, spending the night in a supposedly haunted house as part of a college-wide tradition. Then, monsters suddenly arrive, and peeps start dying.

It takes a while for any bloodshed to begin, but really, it’s more about the journey with this one. It’s an old-fashioned funhouse-of-tricks type o’ game. You never know which Halloween party prop is going to pop out from behind the next corner, or which collegiate is gonna get it next – there are some very fun surprises
What Hell Night lacks in quickness, it makes up in atmosphere. Blair and friends spend their whole night in ridiculous costumes, which serves a nice laugh, and the gothic mansion in question is really imposing. Sound design and ghoulish make-up add to the mayhem. Give it a whirl, especially around Halloween. 7/10

When he’s not reviewing movies, Ross is writing about Halloween costumes.

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J. Astro said...

Oh yes, Linda Blair's impressive teen cleavage steals the entire show in this one, m'man.