Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The good ol' days are long gone. Grow up now.

In Best Friends, Jesse (the mature one) and Pat (the rowdy and immature one) are best friends that go on a nice, long road trip with their chicks. As the trip goes on, conflicts come and get tough because Pat tries to fuck up Jesse's relationship with his chick. Pat does this because to him, there's still time to screw around and have fun. Settling down with a woman is for later in life (or never).

Best Friends is a great Crown International movie! It's intresting from start to finish since it's always intense and fun. The soundtrack is good, it's all country but it is very comfortable to listen to. Characters are all likable, even crazy ol' Pat. The movie gets a bit dull at times, but it's okay since the movie isn't ridiculously long. There's female nudity, but nothing worth bragging about here though.

If you're a faithful Crown International fanboy like myself, check out Best Friends. Even if it is more Drama than Exploitation, It wont disappoint you at all. 7/10.

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