Friday, July 1, 2011

Sacrifice Your Wife. Gain Wealth. Dead Wife Will Haunt You.

Somewhere in Nigeria circa 1992, an eletronics manufacturer got a hold of a bunch of blank vhs tapes to sell. Instead of selling these blank tapes, he got the idea of making a movie and putting the movie in all the blank tapes, and so that's how Living In Bondage was made. After the tapes were sold out, people in Nigeria started to make movies of their own with their friends and family. And that's how Nollywood began.

Living In Bondage tells the story of "Andy", a man struggling to makes ends meet and wishes to become rich like his old friends. When he meets up with one of them old friends, his friend tells him he should come hang out with him to know what's it like being rich and awesome, Andy being curious, he does and questions his friend on how he himself can become rich and awesome. His friend tells him he has to join a satanic cult that specializes in "Blood Money Making Sacrifices". Now, what in the fuck is a "Blood Money Making Sacrifice"? Well, it's a simple thing to do: You gotta sacrifice someone close to you (mom, sister, sister's friend, wife, etc.), then you and your fellow cult members have to drink their blood and your wishes to become rich will come true.

So yeah, the cult leader tells Andy he has to sacrifice his wife in order to become rich. Andy being a good honest man, doesn't want to do this but he ends up doing it since he was threatened and he is very tired of his current place in life. Months go by and Andy has made it big. He's rich, he owns a successful business, and he's even engaged to some classy gal. Unfortunately, Andy's now dead wife haunts him whenever he's going to do something awesome (become chief of something, have sex, etc.). Andy realizes his dead wife will never leave him alone unless he gives up his fucked up life. From there the movie (barely) focuses on Andy's downfall. He's now homeless, he eats rotten food from garbage cans, and drinks his own urine.

My expectations for this movie were pretty high, unfortunately this movie bored me big time since there's so much filler talk and nonsense with minor characters. I wanted to see more of Andy's struggle rather than seeing some pregnant woman arguing with people.

If you're gonna check this movie out, try not having high expectations and be sure to have something to eat & drink for 4 hours since that's how long the movie is. 3/10.

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J. Astro said...

hahaha... wow. Looks rougher than i usually like 'em. But the classic is the "Oh, I'm living in bondage", followed by the *face palm*.