Friday, June 3, 2011


A chick named "Karen" has just moved into a boarding house. It's an odd place because the landlady "Mrs. Ross" is weird as fuck, and the only other person living in the house is an extremely disturbed man named "Graham" who immediately becomes obsessed with Karen. One night, Karen drowns in the bathtub due to having a seizure, Graham takes her lifeless body and keeps her as his girlfriend. Graham being a disturbed man, will kill anyone that could find Karen in his room, like his landlady (who gets the farts from eating donuts), a fellow classmate of Karen's (who has grandfather hair), and the landlady's chatty friend (who believes a checker at a grocery store is a robot).

Crazed (aka Bloodshed) is a really interesting movie. It's also pretty funny since there's parts that had me cracking up. It's also pretty brutal even though it is cheaply done. As for the story, it's really interesting because we go deep into Graham's tragic life. This is a must see. You'll enjoy it. 6/10.

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