Sunday, May 15, 2011

When Frankie Met Jaimie...

Monstrosity is about 3 guys that make a crime fighting Golem because a girlfriend of the guys' was killed by a psycho. When the Golem is completely made and comes to life, the 3 guys name it "Frankie" and they immediately teach it to read, talk, and fight crime (killing actually). One night, after killing the psycho, Frankie saves a punk girl named "Jaimie" and takes her back to his crib (an old & cramped shack) where he kisses her and pokes her eye. The two weirdos immediately fall in love. Frankie's creators do not approve of this romance at all.

Monstrosity is a very odd movie. Seriously. It's just... so odd.

As odd as it was, I still liked it. It's pretty fun since the gore is wonderfully cheap and the corny music is awesomely repetitive. Monstrosity is worth looking into but only if you're very curious and a weirdo in love. 5/10.

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