Friday, May 20, 2011

Tijuana Jones and the Fountain of Youth.

Las Aventuras De Tijuana Jones (The Adventures of Tijuana Jones) is about a dude that finds a map leading to the Fountain Of Youth. Apparently it's somewhere not too far from Mexico City. Cool, huh? Anywho, so yeah.. That dude and his dorky friend "Shorty" (Shorty defines the typical 90's trendy Mexican male) decide to discover the fountain so they can become famous and wealthy. And so, these two dudes arrange a trip to the jungle (or forest?) with a couple of their chick friends (who both define the typical 90's trendy Mexican female). The dude that found the map gets his older brother "Tijuana Jones" (played by Gilberto De Anda, he also directed this movie) to come with him as well since he's a great explorer and a good fighter with his whip (yep, he has one just like Indy!). Unfortunately, someone else wants to find the Fountain Of Youth. This someone else is none other than Adolf Hitler! 

Will Tijuana Jones and gang find the Fountain Of Youth before Hitler does? Only way to find out is to watch this incredibly cheesy movie! Don't miss it!

Tijuana Jones is a cheesy film but oh so funny. The jokes might be cheesy and stupid but they're still gonna make you laugh. Trust me. They will! The movie has an interesting cast, Mario Almada stars in this movie as Tijuana Jones' long lost father. At first I thought Mario was playing Tijuana Jones since he's acting like "Indy" in the beginning of the movie, but I was terribly wrong. Sorta disappointed too. Gilberto De Anda did a swell job making this movie, It looked like he had fun time making it, but then again it looks like he's always had fun making movies. Especially the ones he starred in (Barman y Droguin, Mi Fantasma y Yo, La Suburban Dorada). Tijuana Jones is a cheese fest not to be missed. Check it out sometime. 6/10.

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