Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Los Hermanos Almada Vs. Roger Cudney

 A year after La Banda Del Carro Rojo, 357 Magnum was made.

357 Magnum starts with Agent Tony Morillo killing a jewel thief that worked for "Frasca" (Roger Cudney), a powerful crime boss. After recovering the stolen jewels to the head of the 357 Magnum Brigade (whatever that is, ha), Tony and his family go on a little vacation at the lake. When they arrive at the lake, Tony and his family are brutally shot to death by Frasca's best hitmen. After hearing about Tony's brutal death, his older brothers (naturally played by Mario and Fernando Almada) immediately re-enter the 357 Magnum Brigade to track down the men that killed their younger brother.

This movie is entertaining from start to finish. There's lots of guns shooting, cars exploding, fist fighting, chicks wearing sexy bikinis, and a golf cart being used as a getaway vehicle (seriously). What makes this particular Ruben Galindo film unique is that it tried to be "modern", the Almada Brothers aren't wearing cowboy hats and old jeans, they're wearing the finest leisure suits that money can buy. YES!

I liked this movie, it's unique and entertaining. If you like Mexican action movies, you'll for sure enjoy this. Check it out. 7/10.

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