Sunday, April 17, 2011

There Goes The Bride... With blood on her dress.

"Barbara" is her name, and she gets whatever she wants from her daddy (not a suga daddy!). If she wants a hipster paradise house, she'll get it. If she wants a badass car, she'll get it. But one thing daddy doesn't really want to give Barbara, is permission to let her marry "David". After a little argument with daddy, she rebels and says she's marrying lame-o David no matter what. And so, next thing you know, she marries David. The wedding was nice, the music playing is corny, and David's ex-girlfriend shows up awkwardly to get him back. David being a dick, ends up fucking his ex on his own wedding day! When Barbara catches him, she gets a pair of scissors, stab his arm, and runs away!

3 weeks have past and know one has heard from Barbara, not even daddy, so this probably means she's dead in a gutter. Well... Not exactly, since David and his ex (now banging each other's brains out on a regular basis) start getting spooked by someone! Could it Babara? Daddy? Me? Will these spooky pranks get worse? OoOoh Yeah.

I liked The Bride (aka The House That Cried Murder), It's predictable but still pretty fun, I digged the spooky pranks, I digged Barbara, and I so digged the music in the movie. Especially the opening credits song, It is so peaceful and romantic. I dig it.

This seriously makes a great double feature with Andy Milligan's Carnage, both movies have crazy women in wedding dresses and big ol' scary houses. Check it out, guys and gals. 6/10.

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