Friday, April 8, 2011

The Internet loves Payasito!

What a week! My pal Payasito has been getting a lot of attention!

So on Wednesday, I noticed the Herencia Diabolica review was getting a lot of views (over 100!). Curious to know why, I checked the sources and it all started with a simple little post over at Dangerous Mind. Then, BuzzFeed uploaded a video with the all the clips put together! People left comments that made me and Payasito laugh our asses off!

Then on Twitter, I saw quite a lot of tweets and retweets of the Dangerous Mind post, so many damn people tweeted & retweeted it with their own little post saying "creepy" "better than chucky".

And Then! I saw a video post on Tumblr with the title "Brown Devill Doll From Hell?" .... Holy Fuck. Seriously. Payasito is the Brown Devil Doll From Hell!
I want to thank each and every one of you that have praised this little motherfucker. Payasito loves you all.

I uploaded a couple of new clips on YouTube in honor of this awesome publicity. Enjoy!

@soyMargarito is not Margarito Esparza's real twitter. He confirmed this in a youtube video that I unfortunately can't find at the moment. SO PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW THE FAKE TWITTER!

And now, we're gonna party like it's the early 90's. Later!

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