Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hey! They're "Goin' All The Way!" Yay!

A couple of weeks back, I saw an interesting search keyword leading to Blogo Trasho, It was "traunchy teen sex". I thought; "what the fuck is traunchy?". It took me an hour and a Yonic's song to figure out it was a mixture of 'Trash' and 'Raunchy'. Then I shouted, "O.M.G. That is the greatest word ever made! I have to use it from now on. Seriously." And so now, I bring you a Traunchy Teen Sex Comedy review. Enjoy it, you traunchy people that like traunchy stuff.

Goin' All The Way is your typical teen sex comedy movie. Guy wants to fuck his girl, girl won't let him, they fight, and then she dumps him. After the heartbreak, the guy and his dorky friend go out to find some hot girls (and she-males), guy then falls for the popular bimbo at school, ex-girl meets an older cooler guy, guy gets jealous, and from there the movie turns into a sorta serious teen drama.

Not an original movie but still very fun to watch. It's pretty funny too, I laughed at the quirky sex jokes and the giant VCR playing porn. The girls in Goin' All The Way were pretty fucking hot, but obviously they all couldn't act nor could they pull off playing 16 year olds. The guys in the movie couldn't pull off playing teens either, they actually looked older than the girls, haha.

If you ever see this movie on VHS, buy it. You won't regret it. 5/10.

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