Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Fury Of Vengeance!

After the death of Vikingo, he is laid to rest in a weird but epic way!

Vikingo's twin bro "El Judas" (naturally played by Jorge Reynoso) hears about the death of Vikingo and decides to get revenge on Jesse Ventura; the man that killed Vikingo!

So, El Judas puts on his old punk outfit, and heads out to some small town in Mexico where Jesse is currently living at. When he arrives, him and Turco (Agustin Bernal) look for Jesse all over the little Mexican town. After a long search, they find out Jesse died not too long ago, AND THEN! they're attacked out of nowhere by Humberto Ventura, the last living Ventura family member.

After the surprise attack, Humberto is teamed up with 3 tough prisoners to stop these punks from killing and destroying everything!!!

I love Siete En La Mira 2: La Furia De La Venganza (The Fury Of Vengenace), It Is extremely epic and very over the top. There's lots of blood, lots of gun shooting, lots of explosions and lots and lots of weird looking punks!!!!!!!!

From the looks of the ending, there was going to be a part 3, but unfortunately it never happened due to Alvaro Zermeno's tragic death. If part 3 did happen, I'm sure it was going to be very over the top and dark as fuck.

This is seriously the best Mexican movie sequel ever, I've seen so many and none of them could beat the first movie, Siete En la Mira 2 however, does beat the first movie by a lot. It's crazier, Epic(er), and Bloodier. 10/10.
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RaroVHS (Cristian S.) said...

They look like the Intrepidos Punks!

raculfright_13 said...

Haha they do, same goes with the punks in "Los Demonios De Desierto".