Sunday, April 3, 2011


From the director of MaryJane, now brings you another stupid Teeensploitation movie! This time, Mexicans are in it. But wait! They're not really Mexicans! They are white actors wearing Brownface! Yeah!

Born Wild (aka "The Young Animals") tells the story of racism in some Arizona town where the white kids hate on the Mexican-American kids. The movie starts out with a new Mexican dude moving to this wonderful town, he sees that a lot of the Mexican-American kids at school are getting treated very unfair by the white students and faculty. So then, he decides to get all the Mexican kids together to protest at school for equal rights. Naturally, things are not gonna go smoothly since cops arrest them for protesting, rich racist white kids are starting riots with them, and some of the Mexicans are doing some pretty bad shit to the rich racist white kids.

Born Wild is obviously based on the East L.A.Walkouts. AIP saw what was happening in East L.A. and so they thought "Oh wow, we could make a lot of money out of this because Mexicans will want to see this on the big screen!". I'm pretty sure no Mexicans went to go see this. If they did, they probably laughed at it and/or got offended by it and just forgot about it afterwards.

This movie is really.... really.. Dumb. The plot is good but it could of been a lot more interesting if the Mexican-American characters were actually played by Mexican-Americans. Not Caucasians covered in cheap brown make-up and Native Americans with weird haircuts. To be quite honest, I was actually a little offended by that. Was it seriously so damn hard to get actual Mexicans to play these roles? Geez AIP, Geez. Oh damn well. 4/10.

P.S. I forgot to mention that Zooey Hall's Spanish is so damn terrible. Seriously, he can't even say "Carro" right, he says "Caro". Sigh.


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