Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Sexually Frustrated Dude and a Psycho Sexual Doll.

Muerte Infernal is about a very childish and sexually frustrated dude named "Laurence" who has a little theatrical show where he and a cute chick do weird shit that is apparently artistic and funny. So, Laurence finds a mysterious box in the basement, curious to know what's inside, he tells his mom about it but she clearly tells him to stay away from it. Finally, Laurence opens it and sees it's a doll, a doll called "Yermo". Then from there, the movie gets more weird and sloppy, Laurence starts acting more childish and perverted than ever, Laurence starts making out with his mom, Laurence is committed to an insane asylum after trying to kill himself, Yermo talks about his sexual experiences in a show, and last... Yermo rapes and kills women.

Muerte Infernal is a very, very, very weird movie. Confusing as well since we're to believe that Yermo isn't actually alive, all that shit he did was actually Laurence. However, in my little opinion, he was at times but most of the time it was that sexually frustrated dude they call Laurence. Now as I mentioned somewhere before, Yermo and Payasito are related, but how you ask? Well, both dolls were created by the twisted Alfredo Salazar, who apparently is still alive.

I enjoyed this movie a lot, even though it's confusing it's still enjoyable. Check it out my friends and enemies. 8/10.

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