Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jason Impey's "The Turning".

It's 2011 and naturally, a new Jason Impey movie had to be reviewed on here. I like this guy and his twisted Indie films, so when The Turning arrived in my mailbox, I got very excited because I knew I was going to watch something very cool and twisted.

The Turning tells the story of "Dillon" and "Stacey" who are having a steamy affair. Obviously, Stacey is married to a jerk that abuses the shit outta of her so of course she starts cheating on him with badass Dillon. So anyway, Dillon ends up killing Stacey's jerk husband, so he and Stacey decide to throw the body in the forest and run off somewhere, but things obviously don't go their way since a P.I. is after Dillon (He was hired by Stacey's husband!), nazis have brought the dead back to life, Stacey gets bitten by a zombie and becomes one, she bites Dillon's penis off, Dillon has an epic battle with the P.I. (even though he has no penis anymore!) and last, Ilsa appears. Yes, that Ilsa.

I like this movie, It was very cool but it did however get dull at times, mostly the flashback scenes with Dillon and Stacey. I also didn't enjoy hearing the camera move around and zoom. Still though, It is worth checking out, especially if you enjoyed Tortured. 6/10.


Darsh said...

Would you please post a screenshot of Ilsa? I'd love to see how they portrayed her. I can't even imagine that anybody but Dyanne could pull off that role properly.

raculfright_13 said...

You can barely see her in the last screengrab. I thought the actress that portrayed this Ilsa did a pretty decent job doing it.