Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jason Evers Vs. Claws

So, this dude named "Jason" is having a fun little time in the woods with his wife, but then all of a sudden, he gets attacked and chewed up by a giant grizzly bear that hates humans. Years go by, Jason is angry at the world because the bear fucked him up, the bear is obviously still attacking people in the woods and getting away with it. Naturally, Jason has a son named "Bucky" (cool name) who is in the boy scouts and he and his little scout mates are going to have a nice campout in the woods, obviously things go wrong when the giant grizzly bear comes to the campout and attacks all the little boys. Some of the boys will live, but Bucky is the one that's pretty much not going to survive since he was chewed up by the bear pretty badly, when Jason hears about this from a weird Indian dude, he decides he and some other dudes will go after the giant grizzly. They're gonna kill it no matter what.

I liked Claws, it's a very kick back kind of movie, I love the setting and all the characters. The story is interesting and simple too. Of course, I didn't like the weird flashbacks the movie had in the beginning, first Jason had weird flashbacks, then his wife, then the wife's new boyfriend, then I think Jason had em again.................

Ugh, it was so stupid to have that..

Check it out. 5/10.

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