Monday, February 14, 2011

Won’t you be My Bloody Valentine?

My Bloody Valentine tells the tale of a madman they call "Harry Warden" (psycho in a mining outfit) killing and threating people responsible for bringing back the Valentine's Day Dance in the little town of Valentine Bluff. Of course, Harry Warden is just a legend so it could be some other person posing as him. Perhaps it's T.J., the mayor's son who has a strong Canadian accent (I'm soarry, I'm so damn soarry!), or maybe it's Axel, the blonde stud that has taken away T.J.'s blondie girlfriend.When the dance is canceled because of the threats and murders, the youngsters of the town decide to throw their own party near the mines, this pisses off Harry so he goes on a brutal Valentine's Day killing spree.

My Bloody Valentine is an awesome 80's slasher flick, now that the "lost" footage has been "found" and put in a new (now old) DVD, we all can now watch the movie how it was meant to be seen; Which is bloody and gory.. This is my 3rd favorite slasher movie of all time, and for that, it gets a 8/10. 

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