Thursday, February 3, 2011

What an excellent day for a Turkish Exorcism.

Seytan (aka "Satan" aka "The Turkish Exorcist") tells the story of a girl named "Gul" who ends up getting possessed by the devil, we don't know why or how, but it happens. Her mother tries her best to get Gul help but none of it seems to work, a doctor recommends an exorcism because apparently Gul is being satanic, so Gul's mom gets in contact with an author that was once a priest and he gets in touch with a specialist in Exorcisms to help him out with Gul. So the two fools do the exorcist, and uhhh.. I'm sure you know how the rest goes.

Well, this is basically The Exorcist but a much weirder and shorter version of it, the filler from the American movie is obviously removed and only the memorable scenes were shot and it also contains a slightly different ending. If you were one of those people that found The Exorcist "boring" and "slow", then perhaps The Turkish Exorcist will entertain you, probably make you laugh too since it's very silly and weird. 6/10.

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